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Your business isn’t just about the widgets and the assembly line. It also about your people. Let us help you look after them – with tailored HR advice, training and education.

Effectively managing your team and building positive working relationship is one of the biggest HR challenges’ your business will face.

A great team doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes the right management style and systems, open and effective communication, constant monitoring and evolving. We can develop and implement a range of HR Services aimed at protecting you and your team, and driving a positive and aligned internal culture.
Effectively Manage Teams

Herron’s Human Resources Services:

Award Interpretation

With over 100 modern awards – Australia’s Award System is complex and easily misinterpreted.  Our HR Specialists can expertly navigate the intricacies of all award structures – to ensure your employees payrates and conditions are compliant.

Employee Pay, Super & Entitlements

Payroll is more than just rates and allowances.  We can provide advice, in conjunction with award interpretation to ensure employees are paid correctly.  The ramifications of unknowingly underpaying staff – be it through salary, allowances, super or other entitlements can be costly. We take the risk away, giving you peace of mind.

Organisational Structure and Position Descriptions

Organisational Structures align and relate parts of an organisation – so it can achieve its maximum performance.  In conjunction –  Position Descriptions helps employees to know what is expected within their role by clearly defining the work to be performed in relation to overall organisational goals.  Let our HR Experts assist you in this area – to help define, clearly design and direct your Organisational Goals and Structure.

Employee Performance Management

Supporting your team to reach their potential takes experience and skill.  That’s where our HR Experts step in, developing and implementing performance management programs.

Employment Agreements

It’s critical that every employment agreement adequately protects your employee and your business, whilst aligned with fairwork legislation and award agreements.  We consider all these aspects to ensure employment agreements are fair and compliant.

Employment Policy and Procedures Manuals

An Employment Policy and Procedures Manual is an essential document that should be distributed to all employees which outlines your companies policies, culture and expectations of behaviour and performance in the workplace. We can work with you to ensure we develop a Manual that assist both Employees and Management navigate the workplace environment.

At Herron, We Can, We Care, We Do

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Partner with Herron HR  to provide your business with the Human Resources Expertise and skill to manage and grow your workforce.

A successful business needs a successful team.

We are ready to help.

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